Rs. 57,500.00

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Raglan sleeve quilted bomber with morse code embroidery. Fabric textured with hand done tie and dye. Naturally dyed with natural indigo, tender coconut and pomegranate peel. 

100% Silk Habutai, 100% Lenzing Modal Satin, 100% Cotton, Polyurethane foam

Care Instructions

Our garments are naturally hand-dyed. We suggest washing them by hand, seperately, using a mild detergent - preferably natural. Dry in shade. Or dry clean.

Embroidery details

The bomber is hand embroidered with all the words, "in morse code", related to atmospheric phenomena, - rain, wind, etc. - and it looks like fresh rain falling from the sky. Looking at the sky, it occurred to me that it was not only about birds and wind and rain, but also about sound. Sound travels from one part of the Earth to the next, endlessly crisscrossing above our heads, like Morse code.