Rs. 81,500.00

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Sleeveless short dress. Hand embroidered with star flower seeds. Fabric is naturally hand dyed with pomegranate skin. 

Care Instructions

Our garments are naturally hand-dyed. We suggest washing them by hand, seperately, using a mild detergent - preferably natural. Dry in shade. Or dry clean.

Embroidery details

Seeds - Seeds are the embryonic stage of a plant’s life cycle. Seeds serve several functions like embryo nourishment, dispersal to a new location, and dormancy when growth stops during unfavorable times. Plants have evolved in many ways to disperse their offspring by dispersing their seeds - by wind, by water, by animals. The seed we have embroidered here is the Starflower. It is native of southwestern Europe. The name Scabiosa is derived from the latin word ‘Scabere’ which means “to scratch”. It is found in abandoned fields, roadsides. Seeds from starflowers are dispersed by wind.