Rs. 79,500.00


Double breasted oversized quilted coat with cloud embroidery and crystal buttons. Fabric textured with hand done tie and dye. Naturally dyed with natural indigo and tender coconut. 

100% Silk Organza, 100% Silk Habutai, 100% Lenzing Modal Satin

Care Instructions

Our garments are naturally hand-dyed. We suggest washing them by hand, seperately, using a mild detergent - preferably natural. Dry in shade. Or dry clean.

Embroidery details

Cloud shaped machine embroidery combined with quilting. Clouds - At any given moment, about two-thirds of our planet is covered by clouds. They affect climate in two major ways. First, they are an essential part of the water cycle. Clouds provide an important link between the rain and snow, oceans and lakes, and plants and animals. Secondly, clouds also have an important effect on Earth’s temperature. Clouds can both cool down and warm up the temperatures on Earth. Climate scientists predict that as Earth’s climate warms, there will also be fewer clouds to cool it down. So, unfortunately, we can't count on clouds alone to slow down the warming.