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A-line, hand embroidered long dress. It is imprinted with the direction of monsoon winds over India in the month of May. Fabric textured with hand done Japanese tesuji shibori. Naturally hand dyed with natural indigo. 

100% Silk Organza, 100% 60s Silk

Care Instructions

Our garments are naturally hand-dyed. We suggest washing them by hand, seperately, using a mild detergent - preferably natural. Dry in shade. Or dry clean.

Embroidery details

Monsoon wind patterns embroidery is done with tubes criss crossing over two types of fabric.
The monsoon is much more than rain — it’s a collective mood, a shared experience across communities and across time, and deeply ingrained. Artists and poets have tried to capture it for centuries. And the monsoon is an economic force, particularly for the small farmers who get three-quarters, or more, of their annual rainfall from it. A good monsoon can bring plenty, a bad monsoon, hardship.
The monsoon is becoming more erratic because of a basic bit of science: Warmer air holds more moisture. The moisture accumulates in the atmosphere and can stay there longer, increasing the length of dry spells. But then, when it does rain, it dumps all that moisture in a very short time. It can be a month’s rainfall or a week’s rainfall in a few hours to a few days.